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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links that we liked this week

Matching my cheerful mood here on a beautiful, perfect fall day in Paris, all of the dog travel links I have for you this week are fun and inspiring. Consider the following fall getaways for you and your pup:

Need more inspiration? The folks at ZooToo have five suggestions for dog-friendly fall outings, including visits to Miami, Vermont, Cape Cod and New York. If you’re heading to Disneyworld, you’ll want to read this guest post from Rori Paul on Take Paws about the new kennel at the Happiest Place on Earth — I think very highly of the kennel at Disneyland, and this one sounds even more fabulous.

And here’s a link that caught my eye for a bunch of reasons. Dog-Friendly Establishment asks “Should dogs be allowed to run free in cemeteries, or are graveyards no place for a dog park?” As you’ll see, the responses are mixed. Where do I come out? I love cemeteries, largely because I spent a great deal of my youth bicycling around rural Indiana and Ohio with my parents, and there’s nothing like a mown cemetery lawn and a warm, sun-baked gravestone for a comfortable lunch spot. I think people should spend more time in cemeteries — perhaps it would make us all less wigged-out about death and dying, and it would bring life and cheer to places that often seem so lonely. I would like it if cemeteries welcomed leashed dogs (I wouldn’t want the dogs to run free, for the safety of dogs and humans alike). I would not care, myself, if a dog pooped on my grave. I understand, however, that some people do mind — but why couldn’t cemeteries post signs requiring dog owners to clean up after their dogs, and withdraw the privilege when dog owners get slack? What do you think?