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Reader’s suggestion: Adjustable rope leash, for a good cause

Kristina, a Dog Jaunt reader who wrote to me while she was planning a trip to Paris with Kara, her elegant Chinese Crested, pointed me in the direction of Found My Animal, a company that supports pet adoption with part of the proceeds from its product sales. In particular, she liked the 7 ft. long “adjustable rope leash,” which she bought in the smallest size: “It’s great — in NYC I’m able to be hands-free while the dog is safe and get my coffee, pick up poo, and etc.”

That sounded good to me, so I bought one too, though I bought the next size up (for a 15-30 lb. dog). It’s a very attractive, natural-rope product — according to the company, their rope products are made in New England and “are hand-spliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull and the ends are then ‘whipped’ (an old nautical term) for additional durability.” There is a sturdy-looking brass clip on each end, and two small brass loops positioned between them. Clip one end to your dog’s collar or harness. Depending on which small brass loop you choose (and where you position those loops — they can be moved), you can either make a small handhold (like a normal leash) or clip the end around a table leg or a pole; wear the leash around your waist; or wear it like a bandolier across your chest — a hands-free solution that keeps your dog near your side.

Here’s a picture of Kristina and Kara modeling the bandolier option:

I’m not a runner, so I don’t really need the waist option — I’ve positioned the brass loops to let me use the leash like a normal leash, with a handhold, and as Kristina’s using it, diagonally around my torso.

If you like the idea, the leash I’m talking about is the first one on the list that appears when you click on “Shop.” The two below it work the same way, but are made of recycled materials and come in black or white.


  • Jana Rade

    Actually, I have been using similar idea with JD for quite some time now. Regular leash, done up around my hips. Keeps my hands free and also changes my center of gravity so it’s easier to deal with it when 130 pound JD decides he wants to pull towards something.

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