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Stunt Puppy collar and leash

I just received the Everyday Collar for Smaller Dogs and Utility Leash I ordered from Stunt Puppy, and I love everything about them except that neither works for a small dog. Both products are well-designed and well-made. The leash clip — unlike the thumb-latch clips you see so often — cannot accidentally open if your dog’s collar turns just so, and it’s on a swivel, so the leash doesn’t kink. The strap is waterproof and, according to Stunt Puppy, odor resistant. The collar is absolutely smooth inside — unlike so many collars that look great but have abrasive seams.

And yet neither works for Chloe, and she’s a pretty large small dog. It turns out that her neck is 10.5″, so it’s no wonder that a 12″ collar doesn’t work. My bad. Stunt Puppy doesn’t tell you, however, how long its Utility Leash is. It turns out to be 44″ long, including the handle, and that’s just not long enough for a small dog.

My neighbor, happily, has a Lab and a Bull Mastiff, so the leash will find a good home, and I’ll take the collar to puppy class and find it an owner. But…darn it.

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