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Posts tagged ‘leash’

Pet policies of the Loire Valley châteaux; map of dog-friendly châteaux

This post was inspired by a chat with reader Jenna, who gave me breakfast just before she and Tara, her French Bulldog, left Paris for the Loire Valley. A tremendous researcher, she had created a Google map of all the dog-friendly Paris locations she’d learned about; and, separately, she’d made some notes from a post of mine about reader Christie’s experiences at several châteaux.… Read the rest

Locking leashes

Even if you’re not one to linger inside over a cup of coffee while your dog waits outside for you, you’ve undoubtedly wished, just once, that you could leave your dog safely outside while you ran in to the store and bought a quart of milk.… Read the rest

Leashes for a small dog

A happy side-effect of getting a dog is that we’ve also gotten a lot of dog gear. I like gear. Looking at our bouquet of leashes, I thought I’d let you know which ones have worked best for Chloe, who’s fairly tall for a small dog (about 12″ high at the shoulders).… Read the rest