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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

It’s all about the destinations this week. I’ll start in New England (well, -ish, because the article touches down all over the United States, but it starts in New England) with a PDF from Fido Friendly about ten lovely and dog-friendly B&B inns (when the link comes up, click on the picture to reach the article, in PDF format).

Moving clockwise around the U.S., posted a useful list of fenced dog parks in Raleigh, NC, the Take Paws team visited Amarillo, TX and has heaps of dog-friendly suggestions, and Luxury Travel Magazine profiled a book by Maggie Espinosa (called “The Privileged Pooch: Luxury Travel with Your Pet in Southern California,” and published in 2010), and listed some of the SoCal luxury options you’ll find when you pick up a copy. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Weekly, God’s blessings on it, published a list of five dog-friendly Seattle bars.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a pilot program at a handful of Oregon state parks, allowing visitors with dogs to stay in a yurt and some cabins. Just recently, Beth Wilson, from Oregon Parks and Recreation, sent me an e-mail telling me that Oregon has expanded the program considerably: Now, the roster of dog-friendly lodgings includes “13 cabins and 20 yurts in 21 Oregon state parks. Reservations open[ed] April 1, 2011 (no April Fools’ joke) for stays beginning Jan. 1, 2012.” The options I mentioned in my earlier post are still available in the meantime.

I got a press release telling me that TripsWithPets has improved its web site to include, among other things, pet-friendly lodgings in Canada as well as the U.S., and the option of entering your planned route and receiving relevant pet-friendly lodging, eating and activity suggestions. Both bring it in line with its competitors, but while I’ll need to wait until May to check out the “Search by Route” feature, I can report that right now, Go Pet Friendly and Bring Fido are doing a more complete job with dog-friendly Canadian hotel listings. No doubt TripsWithPets and and will catch up, inventory-wise. In the meantime, I have to praise TripsWithPets’ presentation, which is clear and well-designed.

Amazon link:
The Privileged Pooch: Luxury Travel With Your Pet In Southern California


  • Adventureweiner

    That is great about Oregon State Parks letting dogs stay in their yurts and cabins. I hope that catches on here. I love to camp in a tent but as I get older the appeal of not having to pack your gear in and camping in a bit more luxury appeals to me. I’ll check out the Seattle pet friendly bars too.

  • Lori @ According to Gus

    Thanks for introducing us to Trips with Pets. That one is new to us and I really like their design. We’re already fans of Bring Fido and Go Pet Friendly and are always looking for new dog friendly sites!

  • Amy@GoPetFriendly

    Hi! Thanks for the mention, and I’m looking forward to checking out those pet friendly bars in Seattle this summer! I have to add that GoPetFriendly has a very extensive inventory of Canadian (and US) hotels as well. 🙂

  • Amy, I’m so sorry! On your “Travel Search” page I just saw “City, State,” and wrongly assumed that meant you didn’t include Canada. Charging ahead with “Vancouver, B.C,” though, I see that you certainly do, and your listings are excellent. I will update my post accordingly.

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