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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

This week’s collection of dog travel links is a very mixed bag — sure, there are a couple of straightforward pieces, like a useful list from of dog parks in the Richmond, VA area, and a post from the Take Paws team about their excellent day with their dogs in Avila Beach, CA. But then things get  more off the wall, starting, innocently enough, with the Take Paws gang, who wrote about walking across the Golden Gate bridge together (they’re heading up the California coast, so I’m hoping soon for a Mendocino post).

Farther up the coast, Kyla Merwin Cheney went kayaking near Oregon City (just south of Portland) with her dog Pippin, and wrote about their day for Travel Oregon Blog. Finding companies that are willing to let your dog accompany you kayaking is tricky sometimes, but apparently eNRG Kayaking is open to the idea. Check the post out, too, for other outdoor spots to enjoy with your dog in the Oregon City area.

There’s kayaking with your dog, and then there’s motorcycling. A tweet I read this week (and I can’t remember whose!) pointed me to a blog I hadn’t seen before, called The Oasis of My Soul. It’s written by Ara, who has spent four years on the road with his dog Spirit in a helmet and goggles in his sidecar. The story behind the trip is a moving one, and the pictures are wonderful.

There’s motorcycling with your dog, and then there’s hitching your dog to a cart. Dog carting and sulky driving have been around for a long time, and are by no means cruel — in fact, for large, energetic dogs, carting is a great source of exercise. Life With Dogs posted a video of a Florida woman who goes carting with Broly, her Treeing Walker Coonhound — you really must see, if nothing else, the shot of Broly’s ears flapping in the wind.

And then, at last, there’s food. An article from The Village Voice mentions San Rocco, an Italian restaurant in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood that now offers a menu to its canine guests, including “real grilled chicken.” On the other side of the globe, allkpop reports that Baek Ji Young, a popular South Korean singer, has opened a dog-friendly cafe in the Shinsa-dong neighborhood of Seoul. It’s a joint venture with photographer Gong Sung Won, and it’s called Gururu (“the name is taken from the sound dogs make when they’re happy”).