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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

This first link too should have been in last week’s Chloe’s Clicks, but it got lost in my in-box (“Hi, I’m Mary-Alice, and I have an in-box problem”). The inventor of three dog-powered pulled devices (a scooter, a trike and a skateboard) pointed me to his site — I don’t know what to make of it, and never will, since Chloe’s way too small for any of these devices, but I’m impressed by his ingenuity.

Also ingenious? A new album from Cloud 10 Music, called “Dog Country”: “So many really great songs have been floating around Nashville for many years that have never been given the chance to be heard. Our goal was to find as many of these wonderfully written tunes that honored Dogs and bring them together in one great collection.”

Back in December, I told you that eight Las Vegas casinos — all Caesars properties — are now pet-friendly; just this month, we learned that a Caesars property in Atlantic City had joined the PetStay program. The latest news, from TravelingNevada, is that Harrahs Laughlin (just over halfway from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu City) now allows dogs under 50 lbs. to stay at the casino hotel for a $25 per night fee. I like this trend.

In the Southeast, take a look at Take Paws’ post about the fabled dog area at Tampa’s Fort de Soto Park (with beach!) — I’ve heard good things about it for years, and they’re apparently all true. Check out, too, the review in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution of Lucky’s Burger and Brew, named after the owner’s Golden Retriever and serving diners accompanied by dogs on its patio.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, don’t miss youdidwhatwithyourweiner‘s post about hiking the Spruce Railroad Trail in Olympic National Park. This post is particularly gripping not only because the pictures are killer (TWO Miniature Dachshunds, one going vertical) but also because the trail has only recently been opened to dogs.

If you happen to be in Paris and are looking for day care for your dog, you’ll find lots of links from this week about a new “luxury hotel for dogs” (here’s an example, from Reuters). It’s called Actuel Dogs and it’s located in the suburb of Vincennes. The practical features include a variety of classes and activities; the luxurious touches include rooms rather than cages (each equipped with a TV), a pool, massage and grooming options, and a tempting menu. There are more details, and an address and contact info, at Actuel Dogs’ home page.

My favorite link this week, though, has to be this marvelous post from The Art of Manliness (by “manly guest contributor” Darren Bush) about the logistics of canoeing with your dog. It’s practical, it’s sensible (bless him for, among other things, insisting that even born swimmers like his Labrador Retriever need a life jacket), and I wish it had been written for Dog Jaunt.