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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

This week’s first link makes me happy — it’s a standing ovation from Small and Chic in Cville for the very dog-friendly Hotel Palomar (a Kimpton hotel) in Atlanta, GA. Author Jeannine reveled in the doggie swag and pampering (as did Baxter the dog) and her pictures are fun.

Across the country, a Chandler, AZ restaurant is fighting to stay dog-friendly. Iguana Mack’s has allowed leashed dogs to keep their owners company on its patio for the past eight years — but in March, a health inspector issued a warning to the restaurant. Unhappy about the crackdown, and losing an estimated $1000 per week in revenues, restaurant management and customers are putting together a campaign to “try and get some sort of waiver or a policy change.”

That leads straight into the next link, a heads-up from ohmidog! that St. Louis just opened a new downtown dog park. Like other cities (remember a couple of recent Chloe’s Clicks reports about Santa Cruz?), St. Louis appears to recognize that dogs and dog owners are good for business.

Up in Anchorage, AK, the Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center’s Blog posted some very sensible tips for making your move to a new home easier for your pet. I also want to draw your attention to a resource mentioned in the post: A regularly-updated list, maintained by a not-for-profit called Friends of Pets, of pet-friendly rentals in Anchorage. Look for similar databases in your community, or in the community you’re planning to move to. Too many pets are brought to shelters when their owners move — resources and advice like that offered by AACCC can help keep pets and their people together.

I’ve written about dog-proofing a hotel room, and while my main concern will always be to keep Chloe from harm, I also have a strong interest in keeping her from harming hotel furnishings. My ears perked up, therefore, when I saw this post from Dog Spelled Forward about ways to keep your dog from chewing. There’s only so much that Bitter Apple can do, after all.

I’ll conclude with poop, yet again: This time, the buzz is about the flushable poop bags from Flush Doggy. The company swears their biodegradable bags are sturdy enough to contain poop reliably but will not clog your plumbing. They also point out that all of us well-meaning folks who use biodegradable poop bags but toss them in trash cans are wasting our time, since the bags will not break down in landfill conditions. Flushed, however, Flush Doggy bags and poop will break down like human waste. Intriguing!