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Visiting Seattle with a dog? Eat at a food truck!

At the Maximus/Minimus truck

“Portland and Seattle are often mentioned in the same breath, and there are a lot of similarities between the two cities, but one place where they differ — greatly — is in their attitude towards street food. Portland has lots of food trucks, typically gathered together in groups on city lots, and they’re a wonderful source of delicious, quick meals. Seattle, by contrast, has moved slowly to accommodate food trucks, and the ones that exist are meeting resistance from local restaurateurs.

That’s a shame, because food trucks and walk-up windows are the perfect solution for travelers with dogs looking for a quick bite. Happily, I have good news for you. Seattle’s current line-up of food trucks is varied and growing — I started out thinking that I’d visit every existing food truck and tell you a bit about each, but I’ve realized that the best I can do is tell you about several, and point you to new ones that have rolled out over the past few weeks.”

The rest of this article, with descriptions of Seattle’s best food trucks (and some walk-up counters too), appeared today on Travels with My Dog, my friend Helen Fazio’s blog. Helen recently wrote a guest post for Dog Jaunt about visiting Rome with Raja, her well-traveled Shih Tzu. Please check out my guest post (and Helen’s wonderful blog) — and I hope you have as much fun trying out these food trucks as we had!


  • Rod@GoPetFriendly

    You’re right (of course!) Food trucks are a great solution for people traveling with their pets AND who also like to eat. Philadelphia has many, many street food vendors – several on many street corners. Only problem is that they’re difficult to add to our database of stationary restaurants!!

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