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Seattle farmers markets: Some are dog-friendly, others aren’t

Photo by the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance

I thought I’d get this post in before the end (sob!) of the farmers market season. Seattle has farmers markets in various neighborhoods every day of the week. Seven of the most popular markets are organized into the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance: Capitol Hill (Broadway), Columbia City, University District, West Seattle, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge and Lake City. Some markets allow dogs to join their owners, and some don’t. The Alliance not only has a written dog policy, but also publishes it in a place where you can find it. Take a look at the whole policy for an explanation of why some markets welcome dogs and other don’t, but the short answer is that dogs are allowed at all of the markets except the University District market.

You’ll want to keep your dog on a short leash, since these markets are all crowded. Since Chloe’s small and easy to trample (or trip over), and since I need both hands to choose, bag, and pay for my purchases, I typically put her in a backpack while I’m in the market.

There are other farmers markets in town that operate independently of the Alliance umbrella — for example, I visited the South Lake Union (Terry Avenue) farmers market last week while I was hunting down the Sweet Treats dessert truck — but their dog policies are unpublished. If you are associated with a Seattle neighborhood farmers market I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment letting me know whether dogs are allowed to shop with their owners.