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Seattle dog-friendly restaurant: Volunteer Park Café

The Volunteer Park Café is a gem — a corner café just two blocks east of Volunteer Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, with fantastic baked goods from co-owner Heather and fantastic everything else from co-owner Ericka. They serve breakfast and lunch every day except Monday, and dinner every day except Sunday and Monday. It’s comfortable, casual, and friendly, and the sidewalk tables and steps in front of the café are always cluttered with dogs. There are bowls of water, and sometimes Heather makes peanut butter-and-bacon dog treats (kept in a glass jar behind the counter).

It’s only flaw is that it’s too well-loved — get there early on weekend mornings, especially, or you’ll be in a long line, gazing yearningly at the baked goods in the display cases leading to the register.

Volunteer Park Café
1501 17th Avenue E.
Seattle, WA 98112
T: 206-328-3155

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