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Pet2O water bottle adapter: A possible Gulpy alternative

Graphic by Pet2O

It has become strangely difficult to find the Gulpy dog water bottles I’ve praised in a number of past posts, so when I saw the Pet2O clip-on dog waterer, I snapped it up. What a clever idea, I thought — just sell the flip-down part of a dog water bottle, and structure it so that it attaches to any disposable water bottle with a squeeze top.

It is a clever idea, but I can’t love the product. When it’s not being used as a bowl, the lid hugs the water bottle; in its working position, the lid hangs below the water bottle spout and collects water for your dog to drink. All well and good — great, in fact — but the lid doesn’t easily flip from one position to the other. Instead, you have to pull the lid out of one location on the neck adapter and fit it into another location, each time inserting two plastic tabs at the top of the lid into corresponding slots in the adapter. It’s awkward, requires a bit of muscle, and repeatedly puts a good deal of pressure on two small plastic tabs.

On the bright side, it’s lightweight, inexpensive, and it does deliver water to your dog in a shallow bowl that Chloe is comfortable drinking out of. The bowl is held far away from the spout of the squeeze bottle, so there is no chance that backwash will contaminate the mouth of the squeeze bottle (which means that you too can drink out of the bottle).

Amazon link:
Pet2O Clip-On Water Dish

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