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Pet Top water bottle adapter for dog drinking

entirelypets_2072_216046552I loved the idea of this adapter, and eagerly screwed it on to a handy bottle of Arrowhead bottled water as soon as it arrived. For the life of me, I can’t make it work well. You’re supposed to turn the bottle over and hold it vertically, with the top unscrewed as little as possible (while still allowing sufficient water through). Your dog laps at a ball which rolls and dispenses sips of water. It’s a large version of a gerbil water bottle, in effect, but in practice either not enough water comes out and Chloe loses interest, or some water comes out around the ball and a bunch more water dribbles onto her head (dampening her enthusiasm). Either way, it’s a bust. I was finally reduced to unscrewing the thing and pouring water into the palm of my hand for her to drink.

It’s a nice idea, but I’d spend your money on a Gulpy instead.

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