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H2O4K9: A fling with a water bottle

In one of my earliest posts on Dog Jaunt, I praised the Gulpy dog water bottle as a simple product that does its job really well. It does, but, you know, nothing is perfect, and when I caught sight of H2O4K9’s exciting new dog water bottle I lost my head and ordered one. For one thing, I really love dog gear I have a clear duty to my readers to report on new products. And the Gulpy does have a flaw, which is that its bottom is rounded, so you can’t actually rest it upright on a flat surface. (The bewitching H2O4K9 bottle has a flat bottom.)

Photo by H2O4K9

What else? The new bottle comes in this amazing “Tree Frog Green” color, which I defy anybody to resist (it comes in five other colors as well). Unlike the Gulpy, it’s made of stainless steel and it has a wide mouth, so you can put ice in the bottle on hot days and it’s easier to clean. It comes attached to a sturdy carabiner, while the Gulpy only has a plastic clip that slides onto your waistband. Also unlike the Gulpy, it’s a costly little item — currently just shy of $19 on Amazon.

I liked its pretty face, I’ll just admit it, and the flat bottom is a nice feature. On balance, however, I’m happier with our Gulpy bottles. They’re lighter, I never do put ice in a water bottle, and the flip-down lid/bowl is much more convenient than the H2O4K9 lid, which must be unscrewed and held in a second hand while water is poured in from the bottle. The final blow? The sides of the H2O4K9 lid are high enough that Chloe finds it daunting to stick her head between them to drink — but she laps happily out of the Gulpy’s shallow bowl.

Amazon link:
H2O4K9 Water Bottle for Dogs


  • Bryce Lien

    Hello Chloe and the folks at Dog Jaunt!

    Thank you for your review of the H2O4K9 dog water bottle as we really appreciate everyone’s feedback of this new product. We field test all H2O4K9 products on our own dogs (a large German Shepherd and two large, mixed breed dogs) and it’s so helpful to get feedback from people who have small dogs. Like Chloe, we have found that some very small dogs (in stature, not in heart!) do have an initial hesitation to the deep trough-like lid. Some small dogs like it when the lid is held upright and more like a traditional dog bowl, rather than in the trough position that big slurppy dogs prefer. Since H2O4K9 wants to make sure that all size dogs love our products as much as the big dogs do, we are in the process of designing a water bottle just for smaller-sized dogs. Not only that, but we have an exciting new product coming out this spring…(Chloe, you’re the first one to hear about it…will tell you more about it very soon.)

    As for the Gulpy, we have tried using that product on our large dogs, but unlike the little dogs, the large dogs put so much pressure on the trough that it broke off while my big Shepherd was having a drink. It works wonders for the little dogs that drink delicately out of the trough, but medium and large-sized dogs just put too much wear and tear on the Gulpy lid. We needed to create a bottle that could survive being dropped on the ground, slurped out of by overly-enthusiastic dogs, could sit upright and look good too. We created the H2O4K9 dog water bottle after trying everything else on the market.

    At present, it seems like Chloe has found something that works for her…but we’re hoping to entice her with a stylish new H2O4K9 bottle just for dogs her size very soon! Hoping to earn a big paws up from Chloe on the new bottle.

    Again, thanks for giving H2O4K9 a try and an honest review. Looking forward to future feedback from Dog Jaunt!

    Bryce Lien, President

  • m-a

    Hello, Bryce — Thanks so much for your excellent comment! Since I have only Chloe as a tester, it’s really good to hear how a larger dog reacts to a product. It sounds like the H2O4K9 is a great water bottle for bigger, burlier dogs. I’m thrilled to hear about the new bottle for small dogs that’s in the works! (And very intrigued by the mystery product….)

  • Mary Haight

    What a great comment for your forthright review from the H204K9 company–and the President no less! I’ll be watching for your scoop on this one for Tashi!

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