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New York Times’ “36 Hours” hotels: Pet-friendly or not?

Photo by maveric2003

Since 2002, the New York Times has regularly published quick snapshots of destinations in the U.S. and abroad entitled “36 Hours in [destination].” If you only had 36 hours to spend in Telluride, or Phuket, or Goa, what would you do? Where would you eat? The series sketches out brief visits, but the articles also work as the basis for planning a longer visit. I can’t tell you how many I have printed and stuffed into my travel files.

Each article concludes with two or three hotel recommendations. In November 2009 I had the bright idea of finding out if the recommended hotels are pet-friendly, and tweeting the results to @dogjaunt followers. Tweets come and go, though. I’ll keep posting them, but I’ve also started recording whether a “36 Hours” hotel is pet-friendly or not here on Dog Jaunt, so people don’t have to make the same phone calls and write the same e-mails I did. And as I find the time, I’ll fill in the ones I missed!


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