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Dog-friendly treehouse hotels? Well, there’s one, sort of…

I just re-read Swiss Family Robinson, and although this time I jeered a bit at the endless bounty of Happy Island, and the unfailing competence and amiability of the Robinsons, I still loved reading about the treehouse they build in Chapter 11:

By degrees, our dwelling began to assume a distinct form; the sailcloth was raised over the high branches, forming a roof…. The immense trunk protected the back of our apartment, and the front was open to admit the breeze from the sea, which was visible from this elevation.

What could be more appealing, especially once they add, in Chapter 26, a spiral staircase in the trunk of the tree? Not surprisingly, I’m not alone in loving a treehouse — there are some marvelous books out there about treehouses (look for author Peter Nelson), and there are several treehouse hotels in the U.S. and abroad. Do any of the ones in North America welcome pet dogs, I wondered — and I grabbed the phone.

The short answer is, essentially, no. There is, however, one place — arguably the coolest of all — that will let you bring your dog on the property, but she must sleep in your car. Here are the details:

All of the following treehouse properties do not allow pet dogs: Out ‘n’ About Treesort (Cave Junction, OR); Cedar Creek Treehouse (Ashford, WA); Tree House Point (Issaquah, WA); Carolina Heritage Outfitters/Edisto River Treehouses (Canadys, SC); River of Life Farm treehouse (Dora, MO); and The Original Treehouse Cottages (Eureka Springs, AR). The Treehouse (in Lanark, Ontario) is no longer offered as a vacation rental.

Photo by Canadian Design Resource

However, take a look at Free Spirit Spheres, a collection of three handcrafted spheres suspended among the conifers of Vancouver Island’s west coast. Eve, the smallest, is best suited for a single, but Eryn and Melody will comfortably hold a couple. They look utterly enchanting. Inventor (and innkeeper) Tom Chudleigh hopes someday to raise a pet-friendly sphere, but your dog may not join you in the three existing spheres. However, your dog is welcome on the property, and may sleep in your car at night. I was initially dubious about the idea, but it would actually work fine in mild weather — it would be just as if Chloe were sleeping in her crate on another floor, which she often does when we travel.

Do you know of a dog-friendly treehouse hotel or B&B in North America that I’ve missed? If so, please leave a comment. Heck, I’d love to hear about any dog-friendly treehouse I could stay in, wherever it’s located!


  • Carrie Tsuan

    The Adventure Suites in New Hampshire which is something of a themed B&B includes a Tree House Suite that is pet-friendly! All their rooms have different unique themes and I believe that the majority of the rooms allow pets. I’ve actually driven past it because we were skiing in the area and it is absolutely adorable on the outside! It really does look exactly like the website pictures it to be and makes you think of a unique little village scene.

    The NH ski area is very pet-friendly overall and the majority of hotels/b&bs/motels all cater to pets in varying degrees of friendliness.

    The tree house suite link:

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