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Dog-friendly hotels: TripAdvisor

Until recently, I thought that you had to find the names of some dog-friendly hotels in the location you want to visit, then laboriously look them up on TripAdvisor to see which of them you, the human, would like best. Foolish me. It turns out that TripAdvisor will tell you which of the hotels it lists are pet-friendly, if you coax it a little.

Here’s what you do: Go to TripAdvisor, type in your destination and select your dates (if you just want a list of pet-friendly hotels and haven’t yet chosen your dates, type dates in anyway). You’ll get a list of hotels and a couple of new options to choose among. In a sidebar on the left you can “Refine Search,” specifically by scrolling down and clicking on “Pets Allowed” under “Amenity Type.” To the right, and just below your destination and chosen dates you’ll see a couple of buttons for “All with confirmed availability” and “Regardless of availability.” If you want to see a list of all the hotels at your destination that accept pets, select “Regardless of availability” and click on “Search.” If you know your travel dates and want to find out what pet-friendly rooms are actually available, click on “All with confirmed availability” instead.

I don’t know where TripAdvisor gets its data, so I can’t tell you how complete the listings are. It’s certainly a good place to start, though — I’m a big fan of TripAdvisor.


  • Marianne Jelley

    Just got in from a whirlwind trip with stops in CT, New Hampshire, Boston Harbor and Naragansett, Rhode Island. I wanted t let you know that during our 4 days on the road (literally) we stayed in Comfort Inns (2 nights) and La Quinta (1 night). We called around to the “pet friendly” Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inns, Choice Hotels, Mariotts and La Quinta. Every hotel chain EXCEPT La Quinta wanted between $20 and $100 per night non-refundable “pet sanitation fee” to allow our 15 pound JRT to stay in his crate with us in the hotel room. We have just opened our rewards program with La Quinta as they have THE MOST PET FRIENDLY policy of all of the above. They welcomed Tucker, charged NOTHING, and the hotel service people couldn’t get enough of him. My husband travels around the country and Canada and we’ve decided that he will give up his other reward memberships to build points with La Quinta. The rooms were immaculately clean, the full breakfast was hot and enjoyable, the beds were fabulous and they had plenty of places for Tucker to “walk”. We made sure to let them know how happy we were with our stay and promised to get the word around about their truly pet friendly policy !

  • Thanks so much for the report, Marianne! I’ve only stayed in one La Quinta since we got Chloe, but it was a very pleasant experience, and I’d stay in another one in a heartbeat.

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