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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

There’s something for everyone in this week’s Chloe’s Clicks! Let’s start with dog-friendly dining. ZooToo posted a cheerful report about an increase in the number of communities that allow restaurants to welcome dogs to outdoor patios (including Newport, RI and Panama Beach City, FL). Across the country, downtown Santa Cruz business owners are considering a repeal of the current dog ban, in an effort to reap the same benefits that downtown Carmel and Los Gatos merchants are enjoying. The vote is due on Tuesday, March 16th — fingers crossed!

A couple of links highlight dog-friendly spots in New York City: Glenwood, a real estate site, posted an article with some useful links to NYC dog resources, and offManhattan tracked down five excellent dog bakeries in Brooklyn.

Here’s the kind of link we love to see: Brampton Inn, about an hour from Annapolis, MD, posted an entry in the inn’s blog that describes its pet-friendly cottage as well as some local pet-friendly trails and attractions. As a bonus, it includes a recipe for Cheesey Dog Biscuits.

Speaking of local pet-friendly attractions, Avenue K9 posted its list of the top ten dog parks in North America. Unlike some top-ten lists I’ve seen, this one highlights parks sprinkled around the U.S., and includes one in Ontario. I was happy to see Seattle’s Magnuson Park, one of Chloe’s hangouts, on the list.

Still speaking of local pet-friendly attractions, I’m happy to report that Rod and Amy Burkert, our friends at Go Pet Friendly, received their specially-wrapped Winnebago and have set off on the first of many trips to investigate and report dog-friendly locations and activities around the country. Keep an eye on their travels through their blog Take Paws — and check out the fabulous new vehicle!

And speaking of the Burkerts’ blog, take a look at Take Paws‘ new series of guest posts from Dog Spelled Forward‘s Eric Goebelbecker about training dogs to be good travelers. The series starts with a post describing how to capture your dog’s attention (don’t miss the video and the handout).