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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

Let’s start this week — why not? — in Massachusetts. Fido Loves posted an enthusiastic report about the dog-friendly beaches at Brant Rock (southeast of Boston, near Duxbury), and the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem proved it’s dog-friendly with pix of a visiting pair of Schipperkes.

Heading south, ClubPlanet described the five best pet-friendly bars in New York City — how helpful that would have been two weeks ago, when Chloe and I could both have used a drink or three — and Raleigh Pop (“Dog Blogging from Two Bitches in Brooklyn”) weighed in with a vote for Brooklyn’s Mission Dolores Bar (click on “Blog” after following the link Raleigh Pop provides to see today’s draft choices).

Here’s a blog I hadn’t seen before: Eddie Eats Out offers reviews of dog-friendly restaurants — anywhere Eddie encounters them, presumably, but so far in New England and California. I haven’t eaten at any of the places he lists, so I can’t compare my opinions with his, but I like the idea.

Speaking of restaurants, Your Florida Home wants potential Florida homeowners to know about seven dog-friendly restaurants in and around Cape Coral (near Fort Myers). I will never own a Florida home, but I’ll make my Florida-based mother-in-law come to Pinchers with me and Chloe for a crab fest.

We can’t go much farther south, so we’ll go west instead and check in with the Take Paws Winnebago: Rod and Amy Burkert posted two joyous reports about visiting Milwaukee and Door County, WI with their dogs that have me scratching at the door and whining to join them.

Before we leave the U.S., check out the suggestions Apartment Therapy offers for pet-friendly getaways around the country (Nantucket, Asheville, Seattle, Carmel, and Austin) — they’re brief, but inspiring.

And we’re off, starting with a fun interview on And A Small Dog of Turner, the expet of expat Tiffany Jansen, whose blog Clogs and Tulips has been featured before on Chloe’s Clicks. Turner and Tiffany talk about bringing a dog into the Netherlands, and getting used to life with a dog in the Netherlands. Good stuff!

Elsewhere, The House of Queens‘ Lord Fernandez wished his dogs were with him to enjoy dog-friendly Tokyo, and milagroswire’s blog listed ten favorite dog-friendly international destinations, complete with tips on how to satisfy local immigration rules. The suggestions include Paris, Lake Lucerne, Madrid, Brussels, Playa del Carmen and Costa Rica. Love it!