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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

We were traveling for the past few days, so Chloe’s Clicks is screeching in just before the new week gets underway….

The link I loved the most this week was posted by All Dog Boots and describes the author’s first-ever trip with an in-cabin dog (Cooper, an adorable Maltese/Yorkie). Cooper’s owner and I swapped a lot of tweets about trip preparations, so I was really interested to hear the details. [SPOILER: All went well!]

If you plan to travel by car instead, take a look at a post by Michele Hollow of Pet News and Views about taking a road trip with your dog. It’s a good overview of the essentials — I’d just add (as I did in a comment) that you also need to figure out a way to keep your dog safe in the car, whether it’s with a harness or a crate or a car divider. And however you travel, make sure your dog’s tags and microchip information are up to date, as Will My Dog Hate Me‘s Edie Jarolim reminds us.

Now you know how to get there, where will you go? The Phoenix New Times described some fun dog-friendly places to eat in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and guest blogger Karen Friesecke (be sure to check out her Doggie Stylish site) reported in a Take Paws post on a trip she and Jersey, her Vizsla, took with some friends to Ontario’s Wasaga Beach this past Labor Day. Or check out this fun post from about some dog-friendly museums in Great Britain.

My last link is from Gadling — it’s a Galley Gossip post about some unusual support animals the flight attendant author has encountered, and ends with a description of a passenger taking his dog to the plane’s bathroom. I’ve talked about taking your dog to the bathroom on a very long flight, but I recommend that you do it only in an emergency and that you keep your dog in her carrier until you’re inside the bathroom.

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  • Michele

    Thanks for including Pet News and Views in the round up. Go Pet Friendly offers excellent advice on traveling with a pet. And I agree with you that it is essential to keep pets safe when traveling with them in the car. There are so many options–from car seats–depending on the size of your dog to crates, to harnesses.

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