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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

This week it’s nearly entirely about places to go with your dog, with two exceptions: The first is a useful post from Wildfowl Magazine about traveling with hunting dogs. Given how hard they work, and how wet they get, hunting dogs have special needs that I know nothing about. I appreciate the practical details, and the view into a different world of dog travel.

The second is a welcome announcement from Edie Jarolim, of Will My Dog Hate Me?, that she is starting a Pet Travel Book Club, writing reviews of pet travel books for A Traveler’s Library and for her own blog. That’s excellent news, because Edie’s a discerning reader and a delightful writer. For an interview about the project, check out this post from A Traveler’s Library.

And the places to go with your dog? The Kimpton Crawl team wrote an enticing post about a dog-friendly hike near the Grand Teton National Park. As they point out, national parks are often dog-unfriendly, and the trick is to find “dog-friendly hikes and recreation areas that are near the big fancy national parks, but not necessarily inside of their boundaries.”

Heading west, The Travel Oregon Blog posted a description of a glorious, unleashed visit to Todd Lake, in the Cascade Mountains: “The Deschutes National Forest unleashes its restrictions on dogs each autumn, and that means you and your pup can run amuck in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area.” May I just mention, too, how much I appreciate a post like this that includes links to nearby dog-friendly places to stay?

On the other side of the country, my friend Michele Hollow, blogging at Pet News and Views, visited Alexandria, VA and praised the local Kimpton hotel and a number of pet-friendly shops and restaurants. Other friends, the Take Paws team, photographed their way around dog-friendly Victoria, B.C., and hosted a useful guest post from Dee Mason about visiting the U.K. with your pet dog.

And speaking of abroad, the Montecristo Travels team is having an outrageously good time in Italy as I write. I’m confident that they’ll be writing posts on their blog about their travels, but in the meantime they’ve been kind enough to share lots of wonderful pictures and bits of info with us on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page. Please visit and check out the pictures of Montecristo in Florence and Pisa and Rome and Siena. If I weren’t so happy for them, I’d be insanely jealous.