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Waterbite portable water for dogs

Waterbites are packaged portions of a beef-flavored hydrating gel for dogs that can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months. Water slops out of bowls, but this gel stays put — and it’s 95% water. It’s ideal for dogs traveling in crates in a plane’s cargo area, but it’s also a great idea for dogs accompanying hikers and bikers. Take some along on your next boat trip or car trip, as a back-up in case you run low on real water. Pack a bunch when you’re traveling to a place with iffy water quality. What’s not to love?

My only gripe, in fact, would be easy to solve. The gel currently comes in 8 oz. packets, which is over TSA’s 3-oz. limit for carry-on liquids and gels. If the gel came in 3-oz. packets, I’d buy them by the carload. It’s tricky to maneuver water into Chloe’s carrier during flight, and feeding her ice cubes in the palm of my hand is a lick-fest — it would be easy and effective to squeeze some of this gel into a shallow container (the former lid of a tub of coffee, for example) and drop it in to her. Are you listening, Waterbite?