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Product reviews

Review and giveaway: Alastair Sawday’s Dog-friendly Breaks in Britain

In 1994, Alastair Sawday began publishing guides aimed at travelers seeking “special” travel lodging experiences — meaning, as the Alastair Sawday’s site explains, places with warmth, charm, authenticity, humor and style. The Alastair Sawday’s catalog now includes several dozen guidebooks, and a very useful website, focusing on places to stay in Europe (Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain) and Morocco.

The most recent addition to the list is Alastair Sawday’s Special Places to Stay: Dog-friendly Breaks in Britain, and the  … Read more

Product review: Kobi Pet Carrier

Please note that this post should be read as a supplement to a more recent one about a newer, larger Kobi Pet Carrier (introduced in early Spring 2013). As you’ll see, some of the features of the current bag are the same as I’ve described below, so you’ll want to come back to this post — just start with the newer post, and remember that the measurements provided in this post are no longer relevant.

Photo by Kobi Inc.

A Dog Jaunt reader  … Read more

Product review: Rain Collar rain jacket for small dogs

This was an impulse purchase. There was a rack of these folded-up rain jackets near the counter at one of our pet stores, the price was right (about $12), and, frankly, I’m a sucker for gear. Too often, my what-the-heck purchases turn out to be WTF purchases, but not this time.

The Rain Collar folds into its own pouch, which snaps around a leash, or around your dog’s collar. Here it is on Chloe’s leash, just below her snap-on poop bag carrier.

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Product review: New dog-walking hip pack from Tom Bihn

The last dog-walking hip bag I really liked was the OllyDog Walker, but it’s no longer available and there are days — especially hot days — when I look at it and think dang, that’s huge. I was happy, therefore, to catch a glimpse of the Citizen Canine, a new waist pack from Tom Bihn. Tom Bihn is a Seattle company I love — we own a range of their products, including their TSA-friendly laptop bag, the Imago messenger bag I  … Read more

Product review: OllyDog Olly Tote, an around-town tote for a large small dog

Not long ago, reader Alexandra asked for suggestions for an around-town tote for Bella, her small Cocker Spaniel. Bella is slightly bigger than Chloe — about 14-15 lbs., about 13 inches high at the shoulder, and about 16 inches from neck to tail. Like Chloe, therefore, Bella is in that tricky “big small dog” category — theoretically convenient, but actually a little too large for most small-dog carriers.

Alexandra was interested in the Elite Kaba carrier I profiled about a year ago  … Read more

Sleepypod’s Yummy bowls: Well-made food & water bowl set

When I learned a little while ago that Sleepypod was about to release a new product, I paid attention. The company makes well-designed, quality stuff — in the past I’ve praised both the Sleepypod Air carrier and the original Sleepypod carrier — and I was interested to learn how they’d handle their new project, a set of travel food and water bowls. I wrote to the company and asked for a set to review.

This is, therefore, a product that I  … Read more

Reader’s suggestion: Adjustable rope leash, for a good cause

Kristina, a Dog Jaunt reader who wrote to me while she was planning a trip to Paris with Kara, her elegant Chinese Crested, pointed me in the direction of Found My Animal, a company that supports pet adoption with part of the proceeds from its product sales. In particular, she liked the 7 ft. long “adjustable rope leash,” which she bought in the smallest size: “It’s great — in NYC I’m able to be hands-free while the dog is safe  … Read more

The Gulpy dog water bottle: Redesigned, now in two sizes

I have loved Chloe’s Gulpy water bottle since we bought our first one over two years ago. As I said when I first reviewed it, it’s a simple product that does its job really well. The only feature I didn’t like was its plastic clip, meant to be hooked over a waistband. I also wished, in a mild way, that the bottle could be stood solidly on its base, rather than teetering on the rounded end of the water dish  … Read more

Product review: Sherpa to Go Pincheck Folding Car Seat

Normally when I drive with Chloe in a rental car, I keep her safe with a combination of a CanineFriendly 3-in-1 vest harness and the strap from the PetBuckle seat belt harness kit. The two components fit tidily into the PetBuckle kit bag, and occupy almost no room at all in Chloe’s suitcase. When we reach our destination, it’s easy to grab the kit and click her strap onto the rental car’s latch bar.

On this trip, however, I reconsidered. I  … Read more

Product review: Timbuk2’s Muttmover backpack dog carrier

My friend Jennie, a loyal reader, made my day when she wrote a post on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook wall asking me to take a look at the new backpack carrier from Timbuk2. We must own three or four different Timbuk2 messenger bags, and we’ve given a couple of others away as gifts — the company does good work, and I looked forward to seeing what they’d done with their first dog carrier. I paid for my own Muttmover, by the way.  … Read more