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Posts tagged ‘Pet Dome’

Photo Friday: Chloe at another letterpress studio

I’m lucky to live in Seattle, where there are several places to learn how to do letterpress printing. You’ve seen Chloe before at Pratt Fine Arts Center’s studio, and this week she kept me company at the School of Visual Concepts‘ studio:

This time, she snoozed away in her Pet Dome, which we’re using a lot more than I thought we would (Chloe and the cats like it as a home retreat, and Chloe’s slept in it at my husband’s workplace).… Read the rest

Photo Friday: Chloe at the office

I’m traveling without Chloe for the first time in two years (I figured she’d rather stay home with my husband than sit in a crate for hours at a stretch while I watch the entire Sarasota Opera season in one weekend), so I was thrilled to death to see this picture of her yesterday.… Read the rest