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Get ready for holiday travel with your small dog

It’s that time of year again — time to pile into the car, or the plane, and go see the family for the holidays. This time you’re bringing your small dog with you, and Dog Jaunt is here to help! Take a look at this collection of Dog Jaunt posts  — each contains links to additional, more detailed posts, but I thought you might find it helpful to have our big overview articles in one place for easy reference.… Read the rest

Marc Jacobs-designed Louis Vuitton travel kennel sold at Sotheby’s auction

kennel_lMarc Jacobs reportedly designed this travel kennel with tongue in cheek — it was one of seven custom Louis Vuitton-branded items sold recently by Sotheby’s in a fundraiser for the Red Cross, and it’s clearly over the top. The exterior is monogram canvas “with hand painted personalisation,” leather, and lots of brass; the interior is “Vuittonite leather,” brass, zinc, and leather.… Read the rest

Dog travel blog to follow: Travelling Pets

Here’s a dog travel blog that you might not find easily because it’s located at Blogspot. It’s called Travelling Pets, and it’s written by a Canadian couple living in Europe. They’ve been traveling in Europe and North America for the past four years with their Miniature Schnauzer, and have started posting about their experiences finding pet-friendly hotels and activities.… Read the rest

Pumpkin dog portraits: Happy Halloween!

I’m not a big one for dogs in costumes, so I don’t have those kinds of pictures to offer you this Halloween. But who needs them, when you have pumpkin dog portraits?! (Or, as my husband calls them, “dumpkins.”) Many thanks to the unidentified genius who made these, then circulated them on e-mail….… Read the rest

American Girl pet carrier

This is my first annual birthday post, featuring something goofy from the world of pet travel

F9296_main_2Say what you will about American Girl dolls and products, but you have to admit that the company’s attention to detail is amazing. Case in point: Your Just Like You doll’s pet (choose among puppies Coconut, Sugar and Honey, or cat Ginger) can be carried in a pink and white pet carrier complete with mesh ventilation panels on the short ends (each with a privacy panel), an ID tag, a faux sheepskin pad, and a collapsible water bowl.… Read the rest

@dogjaunt: Dog Jaunt is now on Twitter

Sometimes I run across things that you might want to know about, but they’re not appropriate for a Dog Jaunt post — they’re brief, or local, or not quite on topic (like great chew toys for dogs, or an interesting convertible seat belt harness/leash product too heavy for dogs Chloe’s size).… Read the rest