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Other dog travel blogs

Dog Jaunt has competition, which is good news for all of us — for you especially, because the more sources of information there are about traveling with a dog, the better for you. (It’s good news for me too, because it suggests that people are interested in traveling with dogs — also, if bloggers are out there asking hotels and transit providers and restaurants questions about dog-friendly products and services, it will help steer the rest of the world towards viewing dogs as valuable clients.)

Here is a list of the dog travel blogs I know about, with a brief description of each blog’s focus and affiliation. Do you have a dog travel blog that I haven’t listed, or do you know of one? Please send me a link!’s Dog News — “publishes world-wide pet travel guides for dogs of ALL sizes & breeds.” Its blog began posting in August 2008, and is particularly useful as a source of ideas for dog-friendly activities and places to go, mostly in the U.S. but including some foreign spots too.

Dogtime travel blog —’s owners “like building websites and companies, among them award-winners BabyCenterGoCityKidsViTrue, Flycast, and Sharkle. So it felt like a no-brainer when we decided to combine our passions to produce DogTime, the place for all things dog.” has a number of blogs; the travel blog began posting in March 2008 and primarily offers reviews of pet travel products.’s dog travel blog — “is the work of professional writers Paris Permenter and John Bigley.” Their dog travel blog began posting in March 2009 and offers “packages at dog-friendly hotels, special events and festivals that welcome dogs, and more!”

Dog Travel Blog — This is a British blog which began posting in June 2009, by authors who wanted to share what they went through to take their two greyhounds and a lurcher to France for a five-week visit, what they did while they were there, and the hoops they had to jump through to return home.

Luxury PAW’s Blog — PAW “provides the only curated collection of luxury, (3-star or higher rated) pet-friendly hotels available online.” Its owner, Janine Franceschi, began posting in January 2009 — many of her posts describe lovely, high-end hotel stays she and her Irish Setter Beau have enjoyed.

PetAirways Blog — Pet Airways is a pet-only airline that will roll down the runway for the first time on July 14, 2009. Its blog began posting in November 2008, and touches on a variety of pet-travel issues. — Created by the owner of a yellow Lab named Brent, this blog began posting in 2005, and is particularly helpful for its “monthly reports of pet related air travel incidents.” Blog — offers “worldwide door-to-door pet transportation services.” Its blog began posting in August 2006, and focuses (surprise!) on pet transportation issues. It’s particularly helpful regarding airline travel and requirements for taking your pet overseas.

Pets on the Go — Pets on the Go describes itself as “the definitive guide for information on pet friendly B&Bs, inns, hotels, resorts and private rentals.” It has two blogs: Jet Set Pet “is where our staff loosens the leash a bit to give you their take on the latest travel trends,” and Advice offers “expert answers to your general pet travel questions.” The Advice blog consists of seven posts from 2004; the Jet Set Pet blog had more posts, but also seems to have started and ended in 2004.

Pet Travel Blog — This blog began posting in January 2007 and is an outgrowth of Puppy Travel, “a full service travel agency for PETS & PEOPLE.” The author was “a professional travel agent  for over 26 years” and has been “a pet travel agent specifically for 7 years.” The posts focus on airline travel and the benefits of arranging travel through a pet travel agent. Blog — describes itself as a “worldwide travel guide for pet owners,” and it also offers a searchable database of “pet friendly hotels & services” and the extremely useful Pet Travel Store. Its blog began posting in February 2009 — since it only includes a handful of posts, it’s not yet clear what its focus will be.

Halo Purely for Pets Blog — Halo offers “holistic pet care products for optimal pet health,” including food, treats and grooming products. Its blog began posting in April 2007, and although it covers a wide range of topics, it does have a “pet travel” category that includes a handful of posts.

Travel, She Wrote — See Dog Jaunt’s review of this blog, which began posting in October 2007. — The author, Melissa, says “this blog is all about our adventures while we vacation with our pets.” She began posting in January 2006, and describes her decision process in choosing a means of transporting her dogs and cat, as well as some places she and her husband and their dogs have enjoyed together. The most recent post is dated May 2, 2007.

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