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Other dog travel blogs

Dog Jaunt has competition, which is good news for all of us — for you especially, because the more sources of information there are about traveling with a dog, the better for you. (It’s good news for me too, because it suggests that people are interested in traveling with dogs — also, if bloggers are out there asking hotels and transit providers and restaurants questions about dog-friendly products and services, it will help steer the rest of the world towards viewing dogs as valuable clients.)… Read the rest

Dog-friendly Portland, Maine

BostonZest, a terrific blog about “enjoying a full-flavored life” in Boston, has only good things to report about Portland, Maine — on a recent trip, the author’s dog Maggie Mae was welcomed in stores, coffee shops, and on Casco Bay Lines ferries.… Read the rest

Friday Harbor, WA pet store

Friday Harbor has a great pet store, called Friday Harbor Pet Supplies. It’s packed with all the high-end, healthy dog food, treats, toys, chews and grooming supplies you could wish for, and the owner (Annie Hutton) is a delight. Open Tues.… Read the rest

Welcome to Dog Jaunt!

Dog Jaunt is for people who want advice on how to take their small dog along with them, on trips of any length. Chloe, our young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, keeps me company on daily errand trips and travels with us around the country.… Read the rest