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Product reviews

Leashes for a small dog

A happy side-effect of getting a dog is that we’ve also gotten a lot of dog gear. I like gear. Looking at our bouquet of leashes, I thought I’d let you know which ones have worked best for Chloe, who’s fairly tall for a small dog (about 12″ high at the shoulders).… Read the rest

Walker “Arm Gusset” for dog walking

I found my Walker pouch in the gift store at the Whitney Museum, of all places. They were offering what turn out to be the larger “arm gussets” (3″ x 4″) rather than the 2″ x 4″ “wrist pouches.” Both are rectangular nylon mesh pockets attached to a wide elastic, but the arm gusset is large enough to hold a roll of poop bags, a key and a goodly supply of dog treats.… Read the rest

ShamWow! superabsorbent dog towel

On every trip we’ve taken with Chloe, she’s needed to have at least one bath. A puppy layette list we saw included a “superabsorbent” towel, but it’s taken us a while to find the one that works best. (It’s kinder to your hosts to bring your own dog towels, and a good dog towel will do a better job than a terry cloth towel anyway.)… Read the rest

Zentek crate pad

It’s H-O-T in Seattle today (really hot, not just hot-for-the-Pacific-Northwest), and all of our pets are suffering. Happily, a local company called Zentek sells jackets and crate blankets made of Comfortemp® fabric, a material impregnated with crystals that “interactively react to changing body or outside temperatures.… Read the rest

Gulpy dog water bottle

The Gulpy is a simple product that does its job really well. It’s a water bottle with a screw-on cap attached to a scoop-shaped piece of plastic. Closed, the scoop hugs the bottle and allows it to be carried in a normal water-bottle holster.… Read the rest