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Ankle Anchor dog restraint — perfect for picnics

While looking for something completely different, I came across a product that I had to buy: the Ankle Anchor, from a U.K. company called Dog Adorers. The Ankle Anchor secures your dog to you with a robust, fleece-lined ankle strap to which you attach a double-ended leash (provided with the Anchor). It looks like it will be perfect for meals at a café table, or for picnics — maybe especially for picnics, because you can always tie your dog’s leash to the leg of a chair or the table (on the other hand, I like the idea of Chloe’s being connected to me rather than a table leg because I’ll be able to feel when she’s gotten up to wander).

In fact, I bought two — one for me and one for my husband — but when they arrived today I learned that British ladies have slenderer ankles than I do, and that my husband and I will be sharing the man’s size. (Seriously, don’t buy the lady’s size Ankle Anchor. I’m tall but not fat, and the lady’s size is just too small.)

Dog Adorers also offers a Wrist Walker, which might be a boon to parents pushing a stroller — though it seems to me that the same result is accomplished merely by sticking your hand all the way through the handle loop of your dog’s leash.

Maybe they sent me a Wrist Walker by mistake, instead of a lady’s Ankle Anchor? It fits my wrist perfectly….

[4/25/10 I ended up giving what I think was actually a Wrist Walker to a friend who had recently lost a dog when her regular leash had slipped off her wrist and her dog ran into traffic. The Wrist Walker assured her that her new dog would not suffer the same fate — she loves it.]

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