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Pet taxi for travel between the U.K. and France

I made a note of this on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, but posts there soon scroll out of view, and it would be a shame to lose track of such a useful tidbit of info: One of Dog Jaunt’s Facebook followers turns out to be a taxi service based in Folkestone, a city which is, among other things, at the U.K. end of the Channel tunnel. The Folkestone Taxi Company is ready and willing to drive you and your dog from France to the U.K., or vice versa, either via the Eurotunnel le Shuttle or via ferry.

This is useful, you’ll remember, because the U.K. does not allow pet dogs to arrive in-cabin on inbound flights. If you prefer that your pet not travel in a plane’s belly, the best option is to fly into Paris (or some other destination on the Continent within a reasonable distance of the English Channel) and make your way together to the U.K. either via ferry (which you can walk and/or drive on, depending on the line you choose — the link is to the U.K.’s list of approved ferries for incoming pets) or via the Eurotunnel.

In either case, a car is necessary, either to get you to or onto the ferry (again, depending on your choice), or through the Chunnel (since pet dogs are not allowed on the Eurostar train). That’s not quite right, because you could take a train — French trains are pet-friendly — to the city where one of the ferry lines that allows walk-on travelers with pets is located, and then make your way from the train station to the ferry dock. We considered this option, but then looked at our collection of suitcases and decided to go a different route.

A one-way car rental from France, we found, is prohibitively expensive. We opted instead for a round-trip car rental, which was fine for us (we were just as happy to fly home from Paris as from London), but might not suit your overall plan. Give the Folkestone Taxi Co. a call and see if their rates and schedule fit your budget and plan — and then please let us know how it all worked out for you!


  • Danielle

    Thank you so much for this post! We are in planning stages for a 7 month 2017 European trip. Our past experience agrees with your post that 1 way car rentals are extremely expensive so alternate plans should be made. Additionally , you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that only certain train and ferries allow pets so planning your trips there takes tons of research and time. This info offers a wealth of important advice and will help many of us make our travel plans!!! Simon dog & I thank you for sharing this !!!!

  • A reader asked on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page about the full extent of Folkestone Taxi Co.’s pet taxi services, and here’s what they replied: “We go back and forth accross English Channel to France and the rest of Europe for example Germany Austria Holland italy journeys can begin anywhere in uk”

  • I am reminded by a recent exchange with reader Tammy that she had told me about Folkestone Taxi literally years ago (oh, my sad memory). She and Bruno have been crossing the Channel ever since with their help, and she has nothing but good things to say about the company. They work through the schedule with her, meet her train in Calais, and keep her feeling safe. Thanks, Tammy!!

  • Jeanne

    We have been travelling in Europe for nine months with our small dog, Inu. Getting into and out of England with Inu is tricky. With a car, no problem – we ferried from Calais to Dover and Plymouth to Santader. But without a car options are limited. The Stena line allows walk on passengers with dogs. There are kennels for the dogs (with live cameras in the kennels, which you can watch from your cabin). You can visit the kennels when ever you chose. Inu was fine. You go from Harwick to Hook van Holland. The tricky part is Harwick — dropping your rental car there is the tricky part. Only one car rental has a drop in Harwick. Make sure you rent from the correct company or you will have to drop your car nearly an hour from the port. Don’t be fooled by the airlines “pet friendly” advertising. Flying your dog into England in the cabin is not possible. Or if it is possible, we could not find it anywhere.

  • Thanks so much for the feedback about walking on to the Stena ferries with a pet dog. Jeanne — it’s the only walk-on ferry to/from the U.K. I’ve been able to identify for readers, and it’s great to hear from someone who’s gone that route. (And you’re quite right — while you can fly OUT of the U.K. with an in-cabin pet dog, you cannot fly IN to the U.K. with an in-cabin pet dog.)

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