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Reader’s report: Air-side pet relief area at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

As you know from previous posts, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has multiple pet relief areas. I’ve visited one of the areas serving Terminal D, and reader Giuliana shared info and pictures from one of the areas serving Terminal C (there’s another outdoor pet relief area at the southern end of Terminal C, and there’s one serving Terminal A — if you visit them, please report!). In addition to its outdoor pet relief areas, DFW is also one of the rare U.S. airports with a pet relief area on the air side of security — meaning that you don’t have to exit the airport and return again through the security line to let your dog use the bathroom. Reader Laura visited it recently, and kindly sent a picture and a quick report.

Kathy's picture of the DFW pet relief area on the air side of the security line.

Laura’s picture of the DFW pet relief area on the air side of the security line

The pictures are a pleasant touch, and, also on the bright side, the room contains a sink and water bowls (as well as the litter box you can see in the upper left corner — hard to imagine any of my cats being relaxed enough to use it, and if your dog, like Chloe, has a disgusting weakness for cat “cookies,” keep her away from it). On the negative side, that’s a very small patch of fake grass, and it will likely become as unpleasant as the one in Seattle’s air-side pet relief area. I do wish more airports would take a leaf out of Washington/Dulles’s playbook, and invest in a room with a large, washable (or at least rinsable) surface.

However, it exists, and that’s cause for celebration. To find it, says Laura, make your way to Terminal D and look for Gate D-18: “It’s right next to gate D18; there are signs, then it’s down a hallway in an unmarked room, which was weird.” Basically, she says, it’s “an empty storage room.”

Thanks so much, Laura, for your generosity in collecting and sharing this info! It’s such a help to other travelers with dogs. I’ve added this post to Dog Jaunt’s ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas. Please note that the other U.S. airports I know about that currently have air-side pet relief areas are located in Detroit; Minneapolis; Pittsburgh; Salt Lake City; San Diego; Seattle; and Washington D.C. (Dulles).


  • Dee

    Update. As of this morning, the D18 relief area no longer has the art on the walls or a working water fall water bowl. But I’m just grateful it exists at all.

  • Aino Welch

    There is also a relief area in the area between E30 and 31 close to the elevators across from the Yoga studio. About 8 x 3 astroturf area and a movable pole to pee on! Keep clean. They have these screens that actually tells you about it. The Airport Host took us there and just wanted to insure it was cleaned. It was and smelled pleasant yet Hampton still had enought scent to take care of business!

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