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Photo Friday: Emma, Bailey, and Nina at Yosemite Falls

If you’ve “liked” Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, chances are you’ve seen these three Cavaliers before — reader Priscilla has posted photos of the trio from many of their road trips together (most recently, I think, from the entrance to Canada’s Waterton Glacier International Peace Park). Here are Emma, Bailey, and Nina, artistically arranged in front of Yosemite Falls:

Every picture I've seen of these pups has been equally perfect -- Priscilla tells me her secret is treats, but I think magic must be involved

Every picture I’ve seen of these pups has been equally perfect — Priscilla tells me her secret is treats, but I think magic must be involved

Priscilla was prompted to send me the photo by my post about our visit to Mt. Rainier, and my observation that national parks are generally not particularly pet-friendly. She loves Yosemite, a glorious national park, and wanted me (well, all of us) to know that there is fun to be had there too for pet dogs. Here’s the comment she left on my Mt. Rainier post:

“Yosemite is the same way — dogs only on paved areas — but then several years ago they paved the trail to Lower Yosemite Fall and didn’t change the rules. Plus they closed the paved road to the Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoia to cars, which means you can walk down the road with dogs; but you can’t leave the road and walk through the grove, which isn’t paved. Also, you can walk all over the Valley on paved trails. The dogs have a ball because they get so much attention. Japanese tourists regularly ask to take their picture and then ask me to step aside. I love the idea of all of those people going home and showing pictures of my dogs in front of the Lower Fall to all of their friends in another country.”

In the message that accompanied the photo, she added that “I’ve been exploring this Park my whole life. Since I’ve had the pups, they go with me when I’m not on a hike. The Valley provides a lot more opportunities for them than the rest of the Park, though there is a trail down at Wawona that dogs can go on. In summer, a kennel is offered at the Stables at the eastern end of the Valley.”

Thank you so much, Priscilla, for the gorgeous picture and for the good news that pet dogs can find enjoyment in Yosemite — indeed, it sounds like there’s significantly more for them to do at Yosemite than there is at Mt. Rainier. It’s back on my list, and I hope soon to take a Cavalier-and-waterfall picture of my own!


  • Marion

    And, to top off everything about “travels with Emma, Bailey and Nina,” they are possibly the sweetest, most well behaved Cavaliers you would ever meet. Nina is quite old and often begs to be carried, but Emma and Bailey are such troopers. They have got to be the most well traveled animals on the West Coast. A pleasure to read your blog. Marion

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