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Chloe’s Clicks and Big News: The best dog travel links (Blog II Newzletter edition!)

Usually, the subtitle for a Chloe’s Clicks is “this week’s best dog travel links,” but let’s be honest — that “week” gets awfully long sometimes. Sometimes it turns into something that looks a lot like a month, in fact. So I looked Chloe in the eye (which she hates, you know, because she’s a polite dog) and asked, why not turn the Clicks into the backbone of something even better? Why not make them part of a regular newsletter instead? And why not put other tasty things in that newsletter, like special access to updates for the soon-to-be-published Dog Jaunt book? (“Book,” you say? What’s all this about a book?? Subscribe to the newsletter, and you’ll hear it all!) Why not run special giveaways every so often, just for subscribers? Well, why the heck not!

So here’s what you do: Please click on one of the newsletter/subscribe buttons (and here’s a direct link, to save you trouble). Chloe and I are breaking out the champagne, because that means you’ll be joining us for future Chloe’s Clicks and other dog travel goodness!

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For this “last” set of clicks, let’s change it up and start with abroad: The oldest link in the collection is from Australia, and is yet another bit of evidence that things are improving there for pet owners (and travelers with pets), at least in Queensland. Take a look, too, at the Facebook page for Fur Kids Around Oz, and consider Like-ing it — things are improving, sure, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to swap travel ideas with other Aussie pet owners?

The globe spins, and Gigi Griffis is there to help you travel with your dog from the U.S. to Mexico (she and Luna just spent quite a long time in gorgeous Sayulita, so poke around and look for her pictures too).

Another spin and we’re in Europe — I keep bookmarking posts on Easy Hiker, a blog about appealing walks in France and Germany (with guest posts from all over the world), and I’ve finally just bookmarked the site. The authors don’t travel with a dog, but their intelligent, appealing walks/hikes would work as well for paws as for shoes. Here’s one we’ll be taking this fall: The “Artists of Montmartre” walk guides you around that Paris neighborhood entirely via Impressionist paintings.

My eye was caught by an article about a woman with terminal cancer who’s circumnavigating the U.K. on a sailboat with her beloved terrier Betty (and her partner Stephen), to raise awareness of skin cancer.

Bravery like that leaves me speechless. All I can do is spin the globe again and bring us back to North America, where photographer Regan Wood has suggestions for fellow New Yorkers looking for dog-friendly summer getaways, and Orange Coast has suggestions for dog-friendly places to eat in the O.C. (thanks to alert reader Tony for the link!). Lingering on the West Coast for a moment, Seattle’s CityDog Magazine lists ten “gorgeous” and dog-friendly campgrounds in Washington, Oregon, California, British Columbia, and Idaho.

You Did What With Your Weiner headed east from Seattle for a Yakima Valley walking wine tour, and ended up instead with a cautionary tale about a dog-friendly trip that had some distinctly unfriendly bits; Jessica suggests steps to take in advance to keep that from being a disaster. And it was Jessica, I think, who pointed me to the next link, the first in a series of posts from Cascadian Nomads about their road trip from Seattle to Buffalo with three dogs. Don’t miss the posts that follow, since they’re full of info and pictures.

My favorite picture from the first post is unquestionably the last one, where all three dogs are wearing a “States I’ve Visited” doggy tee-shirt (states to be colored in as you pass through them). If you want one for your own pup, you can find them on CafePress.

Photo by CafePress

Meanwhile, the Go Pet Friendly team was in the Southwest, visiting New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument, a spookily beautiful place I last saw when I was, um, eight, and my parents were considering moving to Texas. (They chose southern Indiana instead, and I’ve only recently forgiven them.)

The final link is an inspiring post from Travels With My Dog about getting Sherpa, a nervous rescue, to travel comfortably in a carrier. It’s never easy, even when a pup doesn’t have “baggage” to cope with, and I applaud the care, love, and patience Sherpa’s people gave to the task.