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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

I have a small but choice selection of dog travel links for you this week. Starting on the East Coast, check out offManhattan‘s list of five dog-friendly NYC bars (in Williamsburg, Long Island City, Brooklyn, Park Slope and Red Hook). Moving briskly westwards, we land in Albuquerque — Robin Soslow, writing for PETA Prime, reports (after a visit with Petunia, her pit bull) that the city is packed with dog-friendly activities and eateries. Another hop, and we’re on the West Coast, following Kimpton Crawl‘s posts about their travels. They’re all good, but don’t miss their answer to the question “Just How Dog-Friendly is California?

Speaking of moving around the country, Have Dog Blog Will Travel posted a useful overview of the how-tos of dog airplane travel (including a very kind mention of Dog Jaunt!).

Speaking of staying in dog-friendly hotels, here’s a pair of posts you need to see. One, a guest post on Will My Dog Hate Me, was written by Juliette Morgan, a former hotel general manager, who enjoyed her canine guests, and points out that travelers with dogs are an increasingly important source of hotel revenue. I particularly like her suggestion that travelers who are disappointed to learn that a particular hotel doesn’t welcome dogs tell the hotel — nicely, of course — that they would have liked to visit, but were forced by the no-dogs policy to take their business elsewhere.

The other, a guest post on Take Paws written by Raising Ruby‘s Christine Gillow, describes being assigned a filthy room in a dog-friendly Aspen hotel. I like the post for its essential point (that the rooms assigned to dog owners must — MUST — be clean, and hotel management must treat dog owners as graciously as any other guest), for its description of how Christine dealt with the most un-gracious hotel management I’ve ever read about, and for the tips it provides on how to avoid this kind of situation.