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Photo Friday: Scoop law sign from Lons-le-Saunier

This week’s scoop law sign was sent to me by Sabine and Zadig, her Westie, who write the French dog travel blog Zadigloves. Their travels recently took them to Lons-le-Saunier, in the Jura — about an hour’s drive southeast of Dijon.

You can just make out the poop itself — once again, shaped like a Hershey’s Kiss, but this time surrounded with a corona of light. It’s a positively heroic pile of poop, and both the dog and his person are regarding it with pride.

Nevertheless, the owner is sticking his hand in a “cani-sac,” and soon Lons-le-Saunier will be tidy again. Thank you, Sabine, for a really fine example of scoop law graphic design! It baffles me, but I love it.

 I’m adding this post to Dog Jaunt’s scoop law sign collection — to see others, click on the “scoop law” tag below this post, or type “scoop law” in the search bone.


  • chris


    I discovered your blog via one of zadigloves (a French blog).
    Your blog is interesting m ‘authorized you to put a link between my site and yours?

    French I also apologize for my English Muoi.

    good day

  • Bonjour, Chris! Your English needs NO apologies. Thank you for the kind praise, and I would be honored if you put a link to Dog Jaunt up on your site. Thank you!

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