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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

It’s a short but tasty Chloe’s Clicks this time — appropriate as we head into Thanksgiving (here at Dog Jaunt world HQ, Thanksgiving is a week-long event). We start with food, and specifically a post from Dog Gone Seattle about Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon, in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. We’ve been to Norm’s, a dog-friendly pub in the Fremont neighborhood, but we haven’t yet been to Sully’s — and that clearly has to change.

And then we turn to walking, which is also important during this week of good things. Pamela Webster, the blogger behind Something Wagging This Way Comes, wrote a review of Kevin Runulfson’s book about walking the Appalachian Trail with his new (really, brand-new) rescue pup that not only gives you a feel for the book but also prompts you to ask yourself a few important questions about how you and your dog would fare on a similar trip. A Dog Jaunt reader posted a comment (on a post about dog-friendly parks/gardens in Paris) that included a link to another helpful list of dog-friendly parks in and around Paris, and Easy Hiker described a walk along the Thames that Chloe would love as much as we would.

The last couple of links in this week’s collection depart from the food, and walking it off, theme: The Family Matters Blog, from the Armed Forces Press Service, hosted a guest post advising service men/women and their families how to find pet-friendly resources at their duty station; and in a Let’s Go Flying post, a pilot of a small plane (a Cessna 172) described taking Sophie, her Australian Shepherd, on her first flight, and the things she and her boyfriend did before and during the flight to make sure that Sophie was comfortable.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all — travel safely, and keep your pup away from chocolate and grapes and cooked turkey carcasses!