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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

It’s a very miscellaneous week on Chloe’s Clicks. One link, though, hearkens back to a past Chloe’s Clicks — remember that I told you about musician Danny Kean, who tours North America (and elsewhere) with a piano and a dog named Mo? How surprised I was to learn that they came to my neighborhood in Seattle — I totally missed them, but they were here.

There’s a bit of continuity, too, in a clutch of links about New York City — starting with a great post in about living in the city with a dog (or, in the author’s case, two dogs). The New York Times contributes two articles, one about strategies for finding a good dog-friendly apartment (many of the tips are useful no matter what city you live in), and the other about “choosing an apartment dog.”

And then it all unravels. You bounce from a post about a restaurant in North Redington Beach, just west of Tampa, FL, that welcomes dogs one Sunday each month for brunch (menus for you and your pooch), to a reassuring article from The Art of Slow Travel about rabies and the dogs of Bali (“There IS rabies on Bali, but I found the possibility of being bitten by a dog highly unlikely unless I had actually done my best to step on a dog”). reports that Australian dog owners now have a new resource,, offering “the nation’s largest comprehensive list of pet-friendly accommodation, off-leash parks, dog beaches, travel tips and expert advice.”

Janine, of PAW (Pet Accommodations Worldwide), tweeted a link to a Forbes article for the private jet crowd: “Wondering how your pet family members will be able to accompany you without becoming a real hassle?” The answer, apparently, is to hire a pet flight attendant. No, I am not kidding.

And finally, my friend Mary Haight, the blogger behind Dancing Dog Blog, wrote a post praising the calming effects of the music recordings offered by Through a Dog’s Ear. Chloe doesn’t get car-sick (thank you, Baby Jesus), but plenty of dogs do — if yours is one of them, you might want to consider trying out a CD.