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Reader’s report: Pet relief area at Richmond International Airport (RIC)

Deb, my beloved college roommate and a loyal Dog Jaunt reader, arrived at the Richmond International Airport recently and sent the following information about the pet relief area there: “It’s located right outside the terminal, in front of the parking garage. All grass, with benches and a poop bag dispenser, trash receptacle. Bordered by walls and fencing. Very sunny, no shade, but looked really clean and well-tended.”

I asked her to describe how a traveler with a dog would find it, arriving at a concourse, and here’s what she said: “It couldn’t be easier. The airport is tiny, so you just exit the main doors on the ground floor near the rental car counters.”

“I think there was a sign inside the terminal, up high near the main doors to the outside, but the sign in the photo was mounted on the brick wall of a staircase right outside the main doors. You couldn’t miss either of them. You have to cross the street to get to the pet relief area, but you can actually see it as you exit the doors, so you don’t need to go hunting for it.”

Thanks, darling Deb! I’ve added this post to Dog Jaunt’s ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas.


  • Ron Akanowicz

    What a terrific idea! I was traveling between Miami and Pittsburgh last week with Sophie, my 14lb Maltese-Lhaso mix, on USAir and had a layover in Charlotte. On the way out it was a short; but on the way back there was a delay. Fortunately Charlotte airport is small enough that it was easy to go outside and get back through security. However, there was no green space in the vicinity 🙁 Soph did make a little TT on the sidewalk, which I was grateful for, since the flight was even more delayed after we boarded.

    I hope this is a trend that will continue!

  • Hanna at Dog Products

    I haven’t so far passed through the Richmond Int’l Airport with either one of my two Shih Tzu boys although I had done it myself on numerous occasions in the past several years. So, I haven’t noticed that they have a pet relief area.

    Whether I we will ever have a need to use it or not is relevant, I’m just glad to hear that it’s there and I wish every airport would provide the same and some actually do.

  • Ron Akanowicz

    Oops; I stand corrected- I just read you blog post about where to find the relief areas. Most of them are outside of the baggage claim area, which tends to be on the lower level. During my trip to Charlotte I was only on the upper level due to the layover (and having no checked baggage anyway). Glad to know where they are now!

  • Hi, Hanna! It is great that Richmond has a pet relief area, and it’s so easy to find. In fact, all US airports are now required to have pet relief areas — a DOT regulation, passed in May 2008, gave US airports a year to install them — but some airports are doing a better job than others with signage and with the features of the actual areas. (They’re meant to address the needs of working service dogs, but happily for the rest of us, pet dogs are allowed to use them too.)

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