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Photo Friday: Another city, another scoop law sign

Actually, I’ve got two scoop law signs for you from our recent trip to Vancouver, B.C. The first is from a city park in downtown Vancouver, and although it gets around the problem of depicting dog poop too realistically, I think it goes too far in the other direction:

Also, please note how the dog's owner is making no move whatever to pick up the poop. Or the ball. Or whatever that object is. (And yes, I agree -- just ask her out.)

The other sign is one that I saw frequently during the course of the afternoon. Here’s what it normally looks like:

I have no idea what the owner is using to clean up with -- my best guess is a plunger and an omelette pan

And here’s the version that had me crying with laughter:

There really is nothing that can't be improved with googly eyes

I hope that you and your pup had a marvelous week. If you were out and about together, please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all see them!

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