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Reader’s report: Europe’s Student Agency buses are dog-friendly

My friend Nancy sent me word from the Czech Republic that the Student Agency buses are dog-friendly, and attached a picture to prove it:

Fellow passengers on the bus from Karlovy Vary to Prague

The website has more details: Pet “animals may be transported only when placed safely in carrying cases, cages or bags with waterproof bottoms, which are designed for animals. Animals carried in this way are transported for free and they travel on passenger’s lap or under his/her feet and must remain in the carrying case, cage or bag during the whole journey.”

Image from the Student Agency Bus site

I’ve never traveled by Student Agency bus, but the words “student” and “bus” make me think of those bone-shaking clunkers I used to ride in when I was young. Not so — Nancy tells me that the buses are very nice (you can see one in the tiny picture to the right) and very reasonably priced — and you can book travel on-line. The buses run between Prague or Budapest and destinations in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland (the map on the home page indicates that the buses also go to Austria, Poland, Romania and the Ukraine).