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Photo Friday: Chloe rides on the Batobus

Back in September, I wrote a post about which river tour boat companies in Paris allowed dogs on board — most of the ones I listed were bateaux-mouches, but one was the Batobus, which is the river equivalent of the hop-on, hop-off buses you see, minus the commentary. On a drizzly afternoon this week, we stepped aboard our first Batobus boat (far smaller than the bateaux-mouches, but with a clear top providing excellent views of the riverbanks), and spent the next couple of hours chugging slowly from one stop to the next on a loop around central Paris. We hopped off at the Eiffel Tower to let Chloe stretch her legs in the Champs de Mars (packed — simply packed! — with pigeons), then hopped back on to return home to the Hôtel de Ville.

Chloe traveled in her new carrier, but the woman who sold us our tickets said that she could walk on, on her leash, if we preferred. It turns out that the carrier was a good choice, because Chloe fell asleep almost right away….

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