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Photo Friday: The giveaway continues!

Bribery works! Take a look at last week’s Photo Friday, and you’ll see that eight of you lovely, lovely people posted dog travel pictures of your own — earning you a chance to win a really fab Fab Dog raincoat, and bringing joy to me and many others. Now keep going! This week’s Photo Friday will take submissions until next Wednesday, at which point I’ll put last week’s wonderful eight in a pot with this week’s wonderful entrants, and randomly choose a winner.

For my part, I bring you a picture that @discoverourtown posted on Twitter this week. They sent it to my friends Amy & Rod Burkert (@GoPetFriendly), who wrote back “Now that’s a sign!” And indeed it is — how often do pet-friendly hotels make it this easy to find them?!

Residence Inn Sandestin at Grand Boulevard (photo by @discoverourtown)

Please send me links to your favorite dog travel photos! They’ll get listed below, for everyone to click on and view — and they’ll give you a chance to win. Here’s how it works:

  1. If you have a blog or a website, post a dog travel photo on your site on Friday and link back here to the current week’s “Photo Friday” post so that your readers can see other great dog travel photos. Please take a moment to make sure that you are linking directly to your photo post instead of your homepage.
  2. If you don’t have a blog or a website, simply post your photo to Flickr (or Facebook, Twitpic, etc.).
  3. Using the inlinkz button below, paste in the link to your photo or your blog post. That way, Dog Jaunt will link back to you. Please include a few words in the “Name” box describing where you took the photo (in this case, “Name” refers to the name of your photo, not your name!).
  4. Alternatively, heck, just e-mail me your picture ([email protected]) and I’ll post it for you!


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