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Photo Friday: Seattle Light Rail

The extension of Seattle’s light rail line to the airport has been open since mid-December 2009, but we took our first trip on it this past weekend. Chloe and I left the car in downtown Seattle and rode to the airport to meet my husband, who was returning from a few days in the Bay Area. As you can see, Chloe traveled in her Creature Leisure Carry Den XT (the backpack was a good choice, since there’s a bit of a walk from the Seatac station to the airport proper; a wheeled carrier would also have been a good idea).

(I let her head poke out for the picture, but we were otherwise law-abiding!)

Not a long journey, but it felt like an adventure — I loved the city views and the station art, and I loved not driving. It won’t work for all of our trips — for one thing, the train cars don’t have any place to put the heaps of luggage we typically travel with (which is odd, given that the train goes, you know, to the airport) — but it’s a wonderful option when we’re in streamlined mode.

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