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Photo Friday: Tampa airport’s pet store

Now here’s something I’ve never seen before — a pet store in an airport. It’s called Dog-E-works and it’s in Tampa’s airport, among that cluster of shops on the second floor that you see when you go up the escalators from ticketing, or come in on the airport trains from the concourses (there’s apparently another one in Orlando’s airport). And it’s a pretty good store, too — there are lots of tchotchkes and tee-shirts, but there are also good-quality treats, toys, and even a couple of carriers (there were Sleepypods in the window, which are very well made — keep in mind that only a Sleepypod Mini will fit under an airplane seat, but the larger Sleepypod works well as a car carrier).

Yet another blurry picture from my phone camera. I must have been quivering with excitement.

What have you and your dog been up to this week? If you have a photo, please post it on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all enjoy it!


  • Bobbie

    For several years there was a pet store like this at the wonderful Portland (Oregon) International
    Airport, and I used to stop there to buy things for my mother’s poodle before I took a flight to see my mother. One day, about 6 years ago it closed, and I always look toward the store that is there now as I pass on my way to my gate and remember how much I enjoyed it.

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