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Flying with your small dog? 5 tips to help you choose a good in-cabin carrier

“I write about all aspects of traveling with a small dog (our dog, Chloe, is a young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), but most of the questions I get are about taking a small dog on a plane. And most of those questions are about choosing a carrier. It’s a bewildering task: There are lots of choices, and there are lots of parameters to worry about. Nearly all of the U.S. airlines allow small dogs to travel in-cabin, and many international airlines do too, but there is no standard accepted maximum carrier size. Take a look at the “Guides” section on my blog, Dog Jaunt, and you’ll see that the maximums range from extremely small (Sun Country’s 8Hx16Lx11W) to the relatively palatial (THAI Air’s 12Hv22Lx15W). What’s a dog owner to do?”

The rest of this article — my five tips for choosing a good in-cabin carrier for your small dog — appeared today on And A Small Dog, my friend Leila Coe’s blog. Leila is the Orlando Travel with Pets Examiner for, and she’s a travel agent who specializes in (among other things) arranging dog-friendly vacations. Please check out my guest post (thanks, Leila!) and Leila’s terrific site and blog.

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