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“Where are dogs allowed to be in Central Park?”

Someone reached Dog Jaunt via this query yesterday, and it’s question I’ll have, too, when I head off to NYC next week for the TBEX bloggers conference. Happily, it’s easily answered, because the Central Park Conservancy, in its wisdom, created Central Park PAWS, whose website is a key part of its mission to keep a dialogue going between the park and the many, many dog owners who love the park.

Look at the Park Guide page for all the details and for a map marked with Central Park’s dog-friendly areas, but the short answer is that signs will tell you where dogs are never allowed (e.g., the Sheep Meadow) and where dogs must be leashed at all times (e.g., the Ramble and the Bridle Path). Otherwise, dogs may be off-leash only between 9 pm and 9 am.

[6/16/16 A quick update from my walk today through the park and past Bethesda Terrace. That lake just beyond the fountain is temptingly full of romantically drifting rowboats, but alas, your pup can’t drift with you (per the guy in the rowboat booth). Drat!]


  • Felissa

    Have fun in NYC Chloe! We used to live in Queens and visited the city a few times but never made it to Central Park. If you see any of our human friends while you are there please tell them we say hello and that we miss them. Oh mommy said depending on where you are staying that there is a nice dog park where you might get to meet some of our friends in Queens.

    Davinia and Indiana

  • Thanks, ladies! (And thanks, Felissa!) I don’t know how many of the BlogPaws folks will be there, but I’ll lick them on the nose for you.

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