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Product review: Fundle Ultimate Pet Sling

Chloe in the large Fundle sling

Longer ago than I’d like to admit, a reader wrote to me and asked what I thought of the Fundle pet carrier. She wanted a stealth bag for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but thought that the PetEgo messenger bag I’ve recommended would be too big for her (she’s petite, and she has some neck/back problems). I’m on it, I told her, and I sent away for a large Fundle carrier (the carrier is available in Mini, Standard and Large).

As you can see from the picture, it too is an over-the-shoulder carrier. Its particular claims to fame include its shape, which cleverly supports your dog in a comfortable sitting posture, and a heavily-padded rim on which she can rest her chin. Chloe did indeed seem to find it comfortable to sit/lie in the carrier, with her chest fully supported by the sloping bottom of the bag. That feature gives this carrier a distinct advantage over, for example, her Wagwear tote.

I don’t know what she thought of the cushioned pads around the rim. They are somewhat rigid, and although they curved out of the way when I left the carrier open on top, when the stealth cover was zipped into place they pressed closely around Chloe’s face. She didn’t like that at all. A smaller dog might feel less trapped by the cover (which does have a nice ventilation panel, providing air and some visibility). Chloe, however, is at the upper limit of what even the large-sized bag will hold. To fit in the bag, she pretty much had to have her neck and head poking out the top.

It’s an effective stealth bag with the cover zipped in place, especially in black. I like the four generous outside pockets, and I like how it’s made. It’s also quite light. Unfortunately, although the shoulder strap is nicely padded, the padded area is fixed in place — so if you (like me) are tall and have to extend the strap to its longest length, the padded area shifts off your shoulder and hangs uselessly behind your back.

If you are petite and your dog weighs, say, 10 lbs. or under, this is a carrier to consider. You’ll have to get her accustomed to the zipped cover over time — I would not count on your dog taking to it straight out of the box. For a dog Chloe’s size, I still prefer the PetEgo messenger bag. Please note that the Fundle sling will not work as an airplane carrier — it’s meant for short trips around town, and doesn’t give your dog the space to turn around that an airplane carrier is required to provide. The ventilation panel, too, is really too small for a long trip.


  • [email protected]

    One concern I have is calling any pet carrier bag a “stealth bag.” That tag implies you are using the bag to take your dog where it is prohibited. Doing so, and getting caught, may further hold back people and places from adopting a pet friendly attitude.

  • Isn’t he handsome? And so patient — he’s always getting roped into the damndest jobs for this blog….

  • Carrie

    An additional downside to note is that the Fundle lacks support on the bottom so you can’t sit the bag down on the floor if you needed to. The bag just flops over which equates to an irritated puppy.

    However, the above aside, I’m petite (5’1″) and it definitely fits well! Mochi is also absolutely crazy for her Fundle. She tries to jump into the bag on her own but because of the unique shape, she usually ends up with her head in the butt area which is always a funny sight for the humans. =)

  • Oh, Carrie, how funny! Post a picture on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, if you get the chance — we’d all love that. And, more seriously, thank you for the feedback — it’s a neat carrier, but Chloe and I are both too large for it.

  • Baby Jan

    I am wondering if you have used your Fundle or Petego Messenger bag while riding a bike? We are looking for a bag for our 13 pound Schnauzer cross and have to order online as no shop in Winnipeg carries them.

  • This reply is HORRIBLY overdue, Jan — I am so sorry! I have not used either, and I’m not sure I would, since carrying them cross-wise across your body, as you’d have to, tends to pull you to the one side. I’d recommend trying the Timbuk2 Muttmover backpack I’ve reviewed on the blog — friends of ours use them for biking with their Papillons, which are of course smaller than your pup and mine, but your pup might well be comfortable in it. (I’ve been corresponding with another reader who has a pup exactly Chloe’s breed and size, who’s comfortable in carriers that are much smaller — her pup travels in a small SturdiBag, and Chloe’s devoted to her Large — so I’m learning that comfort partly depends on the particular dog’s feelings, too!)

  • Marie

    I have a cavalier king charles spaniel male, he is almost 17 pounds and 8 and a half months old. I’m hoping he is full grown. How big is Chloe, as I want to try the large fundle bag.

  • Eeek, I’m so late seeing this, Marie! Chloe is currently 13 lbs, and has been as much as 15 lbs (without looking any different to me). She is about 12″ tall at the shoulder, and about 16″ long from nape of neck to base of tail. Looking forward to hearing what you think about the XL Fundle!

  • Marie

    I will let you know when I get it how the X-Large sling is for him. Chloe might be around an inch shorter than him, they sounds about the same length, that could explain the 2 or 3 pound difference. I love my boy but it is hard to carry them and find a comfy sling that works for him. I am sure hoping this one gets here in time and works for my flight (he is emotional support as he trains as a full service dog), I realize it isn’t a pet carrier. I had it shipped from Korea my time Monday and last I looked it arrived in Loa Angeles, only 250 miles from me! 🙂

  • Marie

    Update, I received the XL fundle sling today from I absolutely love it! He fits very well, and I think he may be a bit bigger than Chloe, so my suggestion is to try it with her if you can, if she liked the large I think she will love the XL. They give the measurements in CM which I just used google to convert to inches to know the size. There is only one kind of XL on that one site that I know of. Shipping was 33.29, but worth it seeing as I ordered late Monday and got it Friday through EMS. Now I can relax, I have a way for him to sit with me through the airport, carrying him in my arms gets tiring, and walking he can do but still likes to eat stuff off floor and may get stepped on in an airport. If you get it let me know what you think and what Chloe thinks. 🙂

  • That sounds great, Marie! I’ll order it right now — I have a sling for Chloe, open at the top and unconstructed, and she is not fond of it at all.

  • Marie

    Awesome. When you get it let me know what you and Chloe think of it, I only found it on that one site, every other site was large was biggest size.

  • Marie

    So I used the fundle sling all throughout the family re union, not only to carry Bernie, but to carry his stuff in the pockets on the side and just as a purse. It worked perfect! Then at the airport I ended up not putting him in it, but it was taken on as my personal item, and the suitcase with his bag inside it (don’t know how I managed that) as my carry on that went on the overhead bin. He just slept on my lap during the whole plane ride back home. He perked up a little as the plane took off, unsure of it, then put his head down as we got higher and he realize he is okay, never made a peep during the flight.

    Tonight I used the fundle to take him to play poker with my dad and me for the first time in a couple years, we walked through the casino and he slept in the fundle with just his head on the padded rims during the game. He did wonderful for that also, overall the fundle after a couple weeks of using it is a wonderful investment for Bernie and myself, whether you are just taking your pet around to doggie okay areas, or have a service dog, or emotional support dog on a plane. This product, the XL ON has been what makes making him my service dog work for everything I need .

    The only thing I am thinking of now is as soon as I get the money I am getting the Nordic ice liner for it, it is very hot here. Mary alice, if you need that for Chloe you can write to the lady and she will give you a link to the place where you can directly get the liner made for the XL one, it wasn’t listed on the main site for me so I asked her about it, she is always helpful through e mail.

    I am curious Mary Alice, where did you get Chloe from ?

  • That all sounds so good, Marie — our XL just arrived, and I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Thrilled that it’s making your life easier!! Chloe came from a breeder in San Diego, but she’s the last of the wine — after her litter, her breeder retired her mom (and I think may have retired herself!).

  • Marie

    That is great! I would love to see pictures! I just ordered the XL Nordic ice liner for it, I hope to get it next week sometime. It is hot here and whole he sleeps in it while we are inside a lot such as playing poker, I want him to be as comfortable as possible in it.

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