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Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [Delta 757-300]

Although I have nothing but bitter things to say about the space available for humans on this plane, Chloe seemed to have an okay flight.

Delta’s 757 (-300 series) planes are divided into First Class and Economy Class. I only caught a glimpse of First Class as I was walking through, but the under-seat spaces didn’t look impossible for an in-cabin dog. Economy Class has three seats on each side of the aisle, except for oddball Row 14 (which is an exit row anyway, so off-limits to travelers with pets).

Your best choice on this plane is a middle seat. The under-seat height (once you squish the life vest packet upwards) is 10 inches. As is so often the case, the depth (measured from just below your seat pocket to just behind the feet of the person in front of you) is 17 inches. The width of the under-seat spaces, measured left to right, is 17.5 inches for the window seat, 19.5 inches for the middle seat, and a mere 15 inches for the aisle seat.

This post is part of an ongoing series recording under-seat measurements of the various planes we fly on. Keep in mind that most domestic and international airlines have rules about the maximum size of in-cabin pet carriers they allow on board (see Dog Jaunt’s handy charts under the “Taking our pet on a plane” tab above).


  • Whittney

    I am flying home from San Antonio,TX to Tri Cities,TN with my 2 very small dogs. I have a 4 lb pomeranian and a 4 lb yorkie chi. I always fly delta because they’re the only airline (that I’m aware of) that allows two dogs in one carryon. I typically fly with a medium sherpa and the dogs are comfy, but I recently purchased the Large Sturdibag and its soooo much NICER. (plus I bought the divided one, in case the girls are grumpy). I typically don’t get any trouble from my ticket agents in San Antonio and they’re always very friendly, but I was worried about it fitting under the seat. I had considered buying a small sturdibag, but I saw that the length was the same and figured it would really matter at the end of the day since it’s so smushable. I checked my itinerary and all it says is that’s it’s a Delta 757 and I’m sitting in a middle seat in the economy cabin (although I may upgrade to economy plus). Am I going to have any problems with the large sturdibag? I absolutely love it and so do the girls. They like the sherpa too but I’ve never flown with the pom (she was a rescue and does get a bit nervous sometimes) so I would like for her to fly in the carrier she’s most happy with. Do you think I should consider purchasing a small sturdibag?

  • Hi, Whittney! I assume you’ve already seen this page, leading you to under-seat measurements for Delta 757s? What I didn’t mention in the ones I wrote (the first two) is that we were traveling with Chloe in her large SturdiBag. It’s always worked for us and those flights were no exception — I think you’ll be just fine with it. The third post was written by a reader traveling First Class with a small SturdiBag, and she barely made it work, so I’d avoid First Class. Please let us know how it goes — I’d love to see a picture of your pups in their bag, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that!

  • Whittney

    Hi Mary-Alice! Yes, I did see those under the seat measurements! Thanks so much! I know you’ve mentioned before removing the lateral support rods to make the length more forgiving. Is this something you would recommend doing? The bag is very, very sturdy with them, but since my dogs are so small, it still holds up without. Did you leave the rods in your bag? I’ll make sure to take pictures for you! 🙂

  • Hi, Whittney — That lateral-rod removing is a big help for another carrier (the Brinkmann Smart Space Carrier), but you don’t need to remove any of the SturdiBag’s supporting ribs — they flex like crazy. I have suggested shortening the stiff BASEboard of the SturdiBag, in situations where you think the full 18″ is possibly going to be too long, but I don’t think that’ll be an issue for you. Nope, I would just use the large SturdiBag as it comes, with the ribs inserted.

  • Whittney

    Thanks so much! I put a picture of the girls in their carrier on the facebook page. I will let you know when we fly, exactly one month away! 🙂

  • Whittney

    I am currently connecting in Atlanta but just wanted to report I had no issues with the first leg of my flight, although if I had it to do over again I would do an aisle seat. There we long bolts that faced inward under the middle seat which made sitting the carrier lengthwise all but impossible so I rotated it the other way. The carrier did stick out a couple of inches but noone said a word. The girls were quiet and good the whole time. That’s one great thing about the sturdibag… They sure are
    Comfy in there!

  • Agnes Waterman

    We take our baby back and forth to Phoenix a couple times a year. He goes in the travel carrier no problem and we fly first class as more air space for dog. It is very comfortable for him. My only request would be a place to go potty inside security. I heard this is coming soon ???

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