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Hol-ee Roller: Great travel toy for a small dog

Photo by JW Pet Company

I’m always on the lookout for toys that travel well — in particular, ball-like toys that Chloe enjoys fetching but that don’t damage hotel room walls or make an unholy racket. In the past, I’ve told you about felted balls (with instructions for making them yourself!), but I’ve started to lose the love now that Chloe knows she can settle down with them and chew off loose bits of the felting.

Currently at the top of the charts is the Hol-ee Roller, a hollow ball made of a mesh of sturdy rubber. It bounces and rolls, but not noisily, and so far it’s withstood some chewing too. We bought the Size 3.5 for Chloe. She got her bottom jaw caught in it the first time she grabbed it, but she rapidly learned how to carry it without getting it hooked on her teeth — and she loves it.

If it were solid it would be too large for packing, but since it’s hollow and rubber, it squishes nicely into a suitcase.

Amazon link:
Hol-ee Roller 3.5 in Assorted Colors


  • Michele C. Hollow

    This may sound odd, but my cat likes it too. Because it’s open, he can grab it better, roll it, and toss it. And I’m with you on felt. Years ago when choices were limited, I would mutilate my dog’s and cat’s toys. I removed the giggly eyes, the bells, and anything else that could be chewed off and swallowed.

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