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Make a felted ball toy for your dog

Photo by electricnude

Photo by electricnude

I’m watching Chloe play with the insanely expensive felted ball I just brought home for her. It’s her second one — the first is doing just fine, but this one is destined to go into her travel suitcase. They are perfect travel toys, because you can fling them around a room or house and they won’t do any damage to the walls, and they’re quiet (so you won’t wake up the person in the neighboring hotel room). Chloe is obsessed with hers — all other toys, except her felted bone, fade into insignificance when the felted ball comes out.

You can buy one too, either at your local high-end pet boutique or on-line. sells them in different sizes, and they’re very reasonably priced (wish I’d known about this morning, before I went to my local high-end pet boutique!).

Alternatively, you can make them yourself — granted, this will only appeal to the crafty among you, but the process is a hoot and the results are unique. Check out Crunchy Parent’s great how-to videos!

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